Steel fabrication in Kenya, What is fabrication, where do i find fabricators

What is fabrication

Fabrication is thee process of creating, inventing or coming up with something.

What is steel fabrication

Steel fabrication is the process of creating new things: machines, containers, structures, or any other objects by manipulating steel. Products that result from steel fabrication include:

  • steel tanks,
  • steel pipes,
  • shelves and racks
  • gantries
  • steel gates,
  • roller shutters,
  • cranes(overhead cranes, etc),
  • bitumen containers,

Just to mention but a few,

Activities involved in steel fabrication

cutting – Steel is cut in order to get to the desired size for it to be useful,

bending – To make desired shapes, steel can be bent in any direction to form any custom shape.

Welding – Welding is the act of joining two or more steel objects permanently. Fire is used to weld steel together

forming – Forming involves converting a flat piece of steel to a 3d piece by melting.

Assembling – After all pieces are in shape they ate then assembled to form the desired product.

What does Fuji Fabricators do?

Our expertise is coming up with the custom steel product you desire, Not only steel, Aluminum fabrication is part of our expertise too. click here to see more of our services and products.  Whatever the product you need, you describe it for us and then we email you a detailed quotation. click here to get a quote.